Our Activities

Movement. Energy. Mindfulness.

At Boca Lyons Academy, energetic and captivating activities have always been an integrated part of the curriculum. We weave them into our core classroom curricula as well as teach specific artistic skills and abilities for a mindful advancement and growth.

Yoga and Gym

At Boca Lyons Academy, we have children size exercise equipment for them to take advantage of it. Yoga and Gym Exercises are known to improve both physical and mental health in children. It makes them stay fit and maintain fitness throughout their lives. It is essential in balance, strength, endurance, and aerobic capacity in children. Breathing, concentration, and poses in yoga can help them lead to constant self-discovery and inquisitiveness. Moreover, its mental advantages consist of enhancing memory, focus, self-esteem, academic performance, classroom behavior, and alleviate anxiety and stress in children.


Children’s karate classes are a fun way towards the achievement of fitness and focus at the same time. They can benefit from the training by learning age-appropriate self-defense and get aware of the tools they need for success in life by teaching them self-control, discipline, respect, and perseverance. Boca Lyons Academy emphasizes on the proper time and non-competitive environment for the use of martial arts to teach children to handle mistreatment and bullying for a healthy, confident, and steady growth.

Computer Room/Game Room

We have well-designed, high-tech, and separate computer/game rooms for children run by well-educated and trained faculty. One-on-one access is available for children, where they can learn words through innovative software. Having computer and game rooms excite the senses and captivate attention. Computers and games can be a powerful tool to instinctively convey meaningful content and knowledge. Studies also show that learning games in class serve as a motivation to learn. They can also act highly efficient in teaching because they add an element of competition and challenge.

Large Outdoor Playground/Infant and Toddler Playground

We have the best outdoor playground equipment for creating a fun and safe space for the kids at Boca Lyons Academy. We have innovative and unique playground equipment for the physical, mental, intellectual, and social wellbeing of children. We believe that play can bring a massive impact on every developmental aspect of children’s lives holistically; therefore, our large outdoor infant and toddler playground have the best equipment for children to spend a reasonable amount of time for an immersive experience.

Soccer Filed/Basketball Court

We do sports, including soccer and basketball courts, accessible for all children to take part in physical activities. We believe there are a lot of good things about exploring your talent and being exposed to sports from childhood. Kindergarten is a vital stage in the development of children’s sporting interests, habits, understanding, and skills. We will conduct play-oriented training to cultivate children’s interest in the sport.

Ride-On Motorized Toys

Entertaining toys, including ride-on motorized toys, cultivate a sense of adventure while developing vital physical and mental skills. These toys can help children develop motor skills and are beneficial in enhancing hand-eye coordination and balance. Ride-on motorized toys keep children engaged for a long time with it’s fun and enjoyment feature. It encourages a sense of freedom and choice and physical activity, fostering their sense of exploration.

Field Trips

Taking children on field trips is a productive educational activity for students that helps facilitate quick and efficient learning. It not only connects children to the real world but also exposes them to different cultural experiences. It is a source of opening children’s eyes to new environments and shape their perspectives on everyday behaviors and habits.